How to setup a shrimptank with the VIN-products

About...How to setup a tank close to a Ecological nature environment?

This is a video about how to setup a new tank close to a ecological nature system by using the VIN-Products. If you are interested please take some time to carefully listen and learn. For now this movie is in Taiwanese language, But in the future there will be an english version


Scroll down for step by step information about how to setup a tank by using the VIN-Products.

Step 1:

Pour Ada amozonia normal soil : 3 quarter of a 9L packing

Flatten it, normally I will do a slight slop. Lower in front and higher at the back, this is so that we can see and observe the shrimps easily. Different in height is about 1cm


Step 2:

Pour Ada amozonia powder soil over the Ada normal soil.


Step 3:

Dose of Storm Ecological Bacteria Group ( this product will help and enhance the growth of algae in our tank which is one of the important factor for shrimps to grow well )

Use the spoon give in the packing and sprinkle 2 flat scoop of Storm Ecological Bacteria Group over the soil.


Step 4:

Dose of Storm Nitrifying Bacteria

Normal for setting up we dose 6-12cc for a 2ft tank. But during setting up, I am will always double the dosage of the bacteria which is 25cc.

For me, normally I will pour it around the edge of the glass tank evenly


Step 5

Fill the tank with RO water.


Step 6

Prepare 300ml of RO water in a container. Add in 30cc of Storm Nitrifying Bacteria and mix well with the RO water. Soak 20g of Barley Straw Pallet in a tea bag and about 0,5 gram of Ku Barley Straw Bacteria in a tea bag


Step 7 ( Optional ) only for external canister user.

Dose 15cc of Storm Nitrifying Bacteria into the canister, this will help to speed up the bacteria growth in your canister sponge.


Step 8

Add in the tea bag which is soak in step 6 into the tank, and pour the remaining mixture of RO water and Bacteria from the container into the tank. (Put the bags near places with better water flow rates)


Step 9

Do not turn on your canister and air pump immediately !!! Only turn on your canister and air pump 6hour after you filled your tank fully.


Step 10

After turning on your canister and air pump, I will dose 6-12cc of Storm Activator into the tank.


Step 11

Add in plants into the tank (make sure you quarantine your plants before adding into your tank, to avoid any pest from growing in your tank)


Step 12

Dose 10cc of Storm GH Regulator into the tank.


Step 13

For the 1st week, dose 6cc of Storm Nitrifying Bacteria daily. (After the 1st week it will be dose on a weekly water change basis. 6cc )

Step 13a

After 3-4days of Cycling, then you may start to on your light for 6-8hour daily.


Step 14

After 1week +/- from the day of setting up , I will do a water change. (1/4 of the tank)

Dose 6cc of Storm Nitrifying Bactria

Dose 6cc of Storm Activator

Dose 3/4 spoon of Storm Ecological Bacteria Group


Step 15

Do weekly 1/4 water change of tank water and dose the range of of products accordingly.

Dose 6cc of Storm Nitrifying Bactria

Dose 6cc of Storm Activator

Dose 3/4 spoon of Storm Ecological Bacteria Group


Step 16

After 2months normally I will do a bigger water change of either 1/3 or 1/2 of tank water. Dose the products accordingly and dose Storm GH Regulator according to achieve the GH you want. And then shrimps can start entering the tank.


After 2month for normal maintenance

Dose 3-6cc of Storm Nitrifying Bactria after ea water change

Dose 1-2 drop of Storm Activator daily

Dose 1/4 spoon of Storm Ecological Bacteria Group weekly (you may stop adding once algae reaches the amount you wanted)

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