Vin-products, topkwaliteit uit taiwan

Ching Tung Vin Tsay well known as Vin Fish is a famous shrimpbreeder in Taiwan. His vision about how to breed shrimps in the most natural and ecological way made him very succesfull. I (Michel Botden) met Vin the first time at the Shrimpcontest in Hannover in january 2017. Talking with Ching Tung Vin Tsay about breeding shrimp was a great experience, i learned a lot. We talked a lot about the products he invented and how these products work and what the effects are on the shrimps. I am very proud that Vin Fish put his trust in me to become an ambassador for his amazing products.

About...How to setup a tank close to a Ecological nature environment?

This is a video about how to setup a new tank close to a ecological nature system by using the Vin-Products. If you are interested please take some time to carefully listen and learn. For now this movie is in Taiwanese language, But in the future there will be an english version Click for more information


Introduction of our products related to breeding shrimp


This video is an introduction about the ingredients and the effect about the Vin-Products in detail so that we can easily understand how to establish a shrimp system close to natural ecological tank by using the Vin-Products!!!

This video is also in Taiwanese Language

About Our Brand

In this video the Brand Vin Shrimp will be introduced. Watch and enjoy the stunning shrimp and amazintg products.